Sports Director / Athlete Evaluator (Baseball, Softball, Football, Volleyball, Or Lax)

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Area Scouts™ Franchise / B.A.S.E. United States


Sports Director / Athlete Evaluator - Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track And Field, Volleyball

Area Scouts - Sport Director - Role Qualifications

Area Scouts is committed to providing our athletes with the highest quality professional sports instruction and training content.

This is a direct result of our world class team of Sport Directors. The qualifications for open Sport Director positions are as follows.

A Director should meet one or multiple of the criteria below.


Professional athletes are the elite players in the world at their respective sports. With professional playing careers comes a wealth of knowledge gained from experience as well as professional instruction.

Top-level league experience is preferred, however some sports have various levels of professional leagues. A Director may qualify if his / her experience at a minor league level is deemed sufficient.


International participation is also world class, and for some sports it’s the ultimate achievement. Any experience for an Olympic or National Team at the adult level is sought after by Area Scouts.


Extensive coaching experience at the highest levels. Being a former athlete of this caliber is a plus.


Whereas we prefer professional playing experience, we value successful careers at the highest level of collegiate sports.

Most notably, in sports that don’t offer the same professional opportunities that others may. We value decorated college athletes.


Performing this role requires the Director to create their content in a timely manner. A new Director must be available and dedicated to working with the Area Scouts staff to produce quality content within a certain time frame.

We will work around your existing schedules to achieve this goal.

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Requirements, as an Area Scouts Evaluator : As an Area Scouts Evaluator, you will be required to : Have a minimum of two (2) years experience in the sport you wish to work in.

Verify your experience / reputation via a 10 minute interview process, in the event that we are not able to verify this information internally.

Pass a Worldwide / National Background Check, upon acceptance into the program. Complete the Area Scouts Training, prior to working with our athletes.

Responsibilities, as an Area Scouts Evaluator : As an Area Scouts Evaluator, you will be responsible for : Working with youth athletes, of all ages, some of which are currently onboard the Area Scouts platform, and some of which are interested in joining the Area Scouts platform, in or around your territory.

Athletes under the age of 16 require parental consent to join the program Partnering with, and / or working with local and national sports organizations and sports facilities, that are in or around your territory, or that have been assigned to you by the Area Scouts Operations Team.

Weekly Responsibilities, as an Area Scouts Evaluator : Make initial contact with the athletes / parents, as they come onboard the platform.

Identify the athlete's needs, maintain consistent contact, and assist as needed. Direct the athlete / parents to the development calendar (located on the platform), where they will book a day / time that works around both of your schedules.

Business / Athlete volume may require some flexibility in your schedule. On the date of the scheduling, you will meet the athletes / parents in person, conduct the initial Area Scouts B.

A.S.E. Evaluation™, along with any subsequent evaluations which were requested upon evaluation / event scheduling. Depending on each athletes individual results from their specific Sport, Position, and Skillset evaluations, the athletes will receive INSTRUCTIONS and / or individual CORRECTIVE MEASURES through their Area Scouts Profile Dashboard or *Mobile Application.